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What your Start-up can Learn from your Customers
Banque Nationale Assurances - 20 February 2018
“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning,” wrote Bill Gates in 1999. Three Quebec entrepreneurs tell us how the Microsoft founder’s quote resonates with their experience in the start-up world. Read more
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The 4 Imperatives of Payment Processing
Banque Nationale Assurances - 19 February 2018
Selling and quickly receiving money from sales: this is what matters most to start-ups. Yet, the variety of payment methods, together with an influx of distribution channels, whether on- or off-line, can present challenges for entrepreneurs. Here are 4 points to consider for proper planning of payment processing: Read more
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The Challenge of Finding Skilled Labour
Banque Nationale Assurances - 19 February 2018
Due to the increasing number of retiring baby boomers, mobile workforces and new international markets— the recruitment of a skilled workforce is a growing challenge for Quebec manufacturers and exporters. Here are strategies that can help meet this challenge. Read more


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