Collective +

An exclusive program

  • Available to small business clients with our firm

Better group insurance

  • Enhanced travel insurance
  • Legal coverage in the event of death

Lower admin fees

  • Fees calculated as though your company has over 500 employees

An exclusive offer

The Collective + plan is only available through our firm.

Your employees' health matters

We offer a health program for employees to improve their health and wellbeing, which can help keep premiums down in the long term. Better health = fewer claims = more competitive rates.

Broader coverage

Collective + has fewer restrictions than other plansFor example, most other plans offered to small businesses make it difficult or impossible to offer coverage to seasonal or contract employees Collective + is different.

A plan that works for you and your employees

Rather than calculating fees for a small business, we treat your company as a company that has over 500 employees, which translates to lower fees for you. A solution for rising drug insurance costs.

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