Group Insurance

Concerned about your needs and your reality, our firm works closely with you and insurers to offer a plan based on your needs and the needs of your employees.

We'll find an advisor for your needs

We'll find an advisor for your needs

Standard Plan

  • Coverage is predetermined for all employees or for different employee categories
  • Some optional coverage


Flexible Plan

  • Gives employees coverage options
  • Some optional coverage  


Modular Plan

  • Gives employees coverage options
  • Various coverage options in modular form
  • Some optional coverage


Service offer

Our firm

  • Financial analysis of your group insurance plan with optimal negotiation
  • Drafting of communications for employees
  • Access to human resources advisors
  • “À la carte” services offered by our specialist partners at preferential rates
  • Special pricing offered by National Bank General Insurance on home and auto insurance for your employees

A dedicated team at your service

Business Development Manager

The Business Development Manager is your principal advisor and your contact for information on pricing. They will suggest specific solutions adapted to your business context.

Client Relationship Manager

Your Client Relationship Manager is ready to provide you with support in every aspect of your group insurance plan. They will also handle requests for modifications that may have an impact on cost.

Customer Service team

Our team is on hand to respond to any urgent requests. 

Managing your plan

The management of your group insurance plan includes:

  • Organizing information meetings for your employees
  • Resolving any issues with the insurer
  • Training for the plan administrator
  • Analysis of experience reports

HR Assistance Solutions

Discover how we can help you according to your needs.

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