1. Your health insurance plan is not valid outside your province of residence

Any fees you pay for medical care will likely only be partially reimbursed, if at all, by your provincial health insurance plan. If you are entitled to a partial reimbursement, it will not be paid immediately and you will have to pay out of pocket for your care.

2. You may not be able to get medical treatment

Hospitals abroad can be very expensive. In addition, they may ask you to pay in cash up-front before agreeing to treat you. Certain medical establishments will go so far as to refuse you treatment if you don't have insurance. Travel insurance provides you with immediate coverage when you need it.

3. You may have to cut your trip short

No one can predict the future. For whatever reason, you may have to cut your trip short. Travel insurance can help you get home and potentially obtain a discount or refund on your travel package.

4. Your passport and credit cards could disappear

Whether you lose them or they are stolen, your credit cards aren't easy to replace, especially when you need them to continue your trip! Travel insurance will help you get in touch with your embassy or the financial institutions concerned. At National Bank Insurance, we're used to these types of situations and can speed up the process, as well as offer you language assistance if you need it.

5. No one is immune to losing their luggage

Whether your bags end up on the wrong flight, the airline lost them or they're stolen, having to go without your clothes and toothbrush on vacation is no fun! It's also sure to put a dent in your travel budget. Travel insurance can cover you in the event of lost luggage, depending on the level of coverage you choose.


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