Caravan Insurance

Civil liability

Unlike with a regular trailer, you will not automatically be protected against liability claims for damage caused by your travel trailer when it is attached to your vehicle. To protect yourself in the event of damage to another person’s property, for example if your travel trailer becomes unhitched, you should consider taking out civil liability insurance.

Damage to your travel trailer

Whether it is new or used, your travel trailer is vulnerable to road hazards, just like your car. If you wish to protect it against damage, you will need to take out additional insurance. 

You can choose from the same types of coverage as for your car:

  • Collision and hit-and-run
  • All perils except collision
  • Specified perils

Your personal property

Your travel trailer’s equipment and accessories will be covered if you choose to insure them against damage. However, any goods you are transporting (i.e., your personal property) will be covered by your home insurance rather than your car insurance.

Stationary trailer

If you own a stationary trailer, it can be more beneficial to cover it under your home insurance with a chalet policy.

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