Motorcycle Insurance

For maximum protection

  • $2,000,000 in civil liability
  • All perils coverage for your motorcycle with a single deductible
  • Coverage for the rental of a temporary replacement motorcycle following an accident


In-between: insurance tailored to your needs

  • $500,000 to $2,000,000 in civil liability
  • 4 coverage options for your motorcycle, with $100 to $1,000 deductible
  • Possibility of being covered for the rental of a temporary replacement motorcycle following an accident or covered loss.


For basic needs

  • $500,000 in civil liability


Motorcycle, scooter or moped

We don’t insure only motorcycles. We also cover three wheelers, scooters, motocross bikes and mopeds. All with the same benefits and the same protections.

Civil liability

While $500,000 protection may appear to be sufficient when driving a scooter or moped, to be prepared for any contingency you can choose $1,000,000 in civil liability insurance, or even $2,000,000 if you sometimes leave the province.

Damage to your motorcycle

Four protections are available for your motorcycle. You can choose your deductible, add or remove a protection: it’s up to you!

  • All perils protection
  • Protection for at-fault collisions or hit-and-runs
  • Protection for everything but at-fault collisions or hit-and-runs
  • Specified perils protection

Insurance outside Québec

Your coverage follows you outside Québec at no extra charge, for up to 180 days! We still strongly suggest you notify us when you leave the province.

Equipment and accessories

Any equipment and accessories that are not original to your bike can be protected for up to $5,000 at no extra charge! If you need more, a slight supplement will allow you to increase this protection.

Combine and save

Combine your motorcycle and home insurance at National Bank Insurance Auto | Home and get a discount on both policies!

Additional Options

Protections according to your needs

Roadside Assistance

Take advantage of a roadside assistance service offered at a special rate.

Roadside Assistance

Replacement Insurance

Protect your new vehicle for the first few years after your purchase with the Replacement Insurance.


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