Drive Savvy: Customized pricing for the savvy driver

Activating Drive Savvy is easy


step 1

Get a quote today.

If you are a new National Bank Insurance Auto | Home client, you will receive a 10%* activation discount when you activate Drive Savvy.

step 2

Download the National Bank Insurance Auto | Home app from the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android and sign up.

step 3

Accept the Terms of Use and the permissions required to activate your features and customized pricing in the app.

Customized pricing for the savvy driver

When Drive Savvy is activated, the National Bank Insurance Auto | Home app assesses your driving habits in real time to offer you a customized price when your auto policy renews. This means that whether your driving habits are safe or risky, they could influence the price of your insurance at renewal.

Safe driving habits are rewarded and could help you save on your car insurance. Drivers who take risks on the road could see their premium increase.

App Features

Drive Savvy gives you access to:

  • A personalized dashboard that lets you see your driving stats in real-time
  • The description of each of your trips
  • Personalized driving tips to help you become a safer driver
  • Additional benefits including Crash Assist, Car Care and Weather Alerts

Best practices

Drive Savvy rewards safe drivers for their good habits behind the wheel. Here are a couple of the best driving practices to keep in mind:

Pictogram: car and speed.

Safe speed: Stick to the speed limit to increase your reaction time and lower your gas consumption. It’s good for the environment and your budget.

Pictogram: A foot activates a brake.

Smoothness: Drive at a smooth, steady pace. It will not only save you money on gas but reduce the wear and tear on your brakes and tires.

Pictogram: A finger pressing on a telephone.

Focus: Keep your eyes on the road and off your phone. Remember, that text or call can wait.

Personalized driving tips

Drive Savvier with personalized driving tips:

Picto of a seat belt

Safety:  Become a safer driver so you can save more. Monitor your safety level with the app and see how you compare to others.

Picto of a car at a gas station

Fuel efficiency: Improve your fuel efficiency and increase your gas savings.

Picto of a leaf plugged to a lightbulb

Eco-driving: Reduce your climate impact with driving insights and tips to reduce your CO2 emissions. 

Additional benefits

Activating Drive Savvy also gives you exclusive access to great on-the-go features.

Crash Assist

Crash Assist uses your phone’s sensor data to instantly detect severe accidents and respond with assistance options, including:

Pictogram Emergency.

Contacting emergency services: When a crash is detected, you can contact emergency services in just one click.

Pictogram Personalization.

Personalized guidance: Our interactive guide helps you decide what to do before and after you leave the scene.

Pictogram Share.

Sharing your information: You can exchange identity and insurance details with other driver(s) involved. Your information is pre-filled and you'll have what you need to file a claim online if you choose to do so.

Towing vehicle pictogram.

Accessing towing providers: If you need to have your vehicle towed, you’ll have access to a list of nearby towing providers.

Car Care

Pictogram car care.

Stay up to date on recalls that could impact your safety.

Weather Alerts

Picto weather alert

With Weather Alerts, receive notifications on your
phone before severe weather occurs. You will obtain specific recommendations to prevent damage and protect your home and car.

Drive Savvy is easy to use

Activate Drive Savvy today by simply downloading the National Bank Insurance app on your smartphone, accept the Terms of Use, and give the app access to certain features on your smartphone. 


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If you’re a safe driver, you could save on your car insurance.

Drive Savvy rewards safe drivers. Drive safely and you could lower your car insurance premium. Your premium could be adjusted based on the time you spend on the road.

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