House Insurance

Your residence

You take care of your home, we help ensure all this effort will never be lost. Fire, vandalism, collapse, your house is covered for the amount it would cost you to rebuild it. In the event of a loss, this coverage allows you to repair or rebuilt your home as it used to be.

Your personal property

Your furniture, your clothes, your books, your disks, even your curtains and your toiletries: everything that’s in your house is covered against theft or fire. Depending on the protection you chose, other risks can also be covered. 

Your liability

Worldwide civil liability coverage: whether someone gets hurt on your porch, your tree falls on the neighbour’s roof or you cause an accident in a hotel at the other end of the world, this coverage will save you many worries.

Other protections

You can also insure your garden shed and all other detached structures. You have tenants? Loss of rental income following a disaster can also be covered. Many different protections are available and include what is most important to you.

Enhanced coverage for home insurance

Canadians are working from home and spending more time online than before. To make sure you get the coverage you need, we've made improvements to our home insurance policies as well as the S.O.S Identity® coverage.

  • Personal liability coverage of contents coverage has been updated to add working from home as an acceptable use of the premises.
  • Coverage limits for personal property pertaining to a business has been increased to $7 500.

Additional options

Optional additional options according to your needs.

Oil leak or overflow

Up to $100,000 of protection to cover the consequences of a leak or a spill of domestic fuel oil.

More informations

Legal assistance

An information line for your legal questions.

More details

Specific insurance

To cover goods that are important to you.

A tailored protection

S.O.S. Identity®

A 24/7 assistance and insurance coverage that helps you restore and protect your identity in the event of identity theft or a cyberattack and cover expenses related to restoring it.

Protect myself

Legal insurance

Get the services of a lawyer at a small price.

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Spa and swimming pool

To cover your spa or swimming pool and accessories.

Keep your head above water

Home Claim Forgiveness

If you own your home, Home Claim Forgiveness protects you against a premium increase following a first claim.

Home Claim Forgiveness


Two options to protect you in case of earthquake.

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