Income Property Insurance

Your building

Your building will be covered for named perils. It will be protected in the event of fire, lightning, windstorms, water main break and hail. 

Furniture provided to tenants

You can add an option to cover any furniture you provide to tenants. Whether your properties are semi-furnished or fully furnished, this coverage will prevent you from having to start from scratch in the event of a total loss. Breaking and entering may also be covered under certain conditions.

Civil liability

As you might not be able to guarantee the safety of your income property on a daily basis, civil liability insurance will protect you in the event of bodily injury to your tenants or their guests. Civil responsibility also covers material damage for which you may be liable as the building owner. 

Your rental income

The income you earn from your income property must be protected. Basic coverage insures rental income for up to 10% of the amount covering the building, without you needing to increase your coverage. If you wish to cover the full value of the building and all rental income, you can do so by adding an option. 

Additional options

Optional additional options according to your needs.

Legal insurance

Get the services of a lawyer at a small price.

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