Fire prevention

A real tree can dry out quickly and become highly flammable. So it is important not to buy it too early and to ensure it never runs out of water. Also place your tree away from heat sources, especially from open flames. A Christmas tree by the fireplace makes for a nice picture, but it’s not the best of ideas!

Use decorative lights that have been certified by a recognized organization, such as CSA and ULC. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t use outdoor lights inside. Don’t leave the lights on all the time; use a timer to turn them off at night or during the day when you’re not home.

For more advice, visit the Sécurité publique du Québec website.


Pine needles, if swallowed by your pets, can make them sick or even cause serious internal injuries. Not to mention some fragile ornaments that can shatter into small shards if they fall. Sweep under the tree frequently to avoid any accident.

Secure the tree carefully so it can’t be knocked over. All those dangling shiny decorations (especially garlands) have an undeniable appeal for our furry companions!

After the holidays

For proper tree disposal, check with your municipality. Trees are generally picked up on specific dates in January. Don’t burn your Christmas tree in your fireplace as it is likely to have been treated with chemicals, which, when burnt, can project poisonous gases!

And above all, have a great holiday season.