Equal treatment for all

The Fichier central des sinistres automobiles (FCSA) is a database that tracks any loss filed by a policyholder over the past six years. The information will be there if one of the parties involved reported the loss, even if the other one did not.

When you request an auto insurance quote, your insurer will generally consult your claims record at the FCSA to be able to offer you a rate that takes your record into account – good or bad.

I don’t recall this claim…

Your damage insurance advisor mentions a loss that you remember nothing about? You can access your own claim file at the FCSA to get all the details.

What’s great is you can make an online access request and get your claim file in a few days only as the Groupement des Assureurs Automobile (GAA) – which manages the FCSA – has recently made available a website for consulting your file online.

What if there’s an error?

If you’ve made your online access request and think your file contains an error, you can submit a rectification request on the same website. Your request will be forwarded to a GAA agent and a reply will be mailed to you within 20 days.