Combined: together is so much better

Combined: together is so much better

Traveling, eating out, playing tennis, talking on the phone… there are so many things that work better together. Like car insurance and home insurance, the perfect combination.

National Bank General Insurance
05 December 2015

Why combine your insurance?

When combining your insurance products at National Bank Insurance Auto | Home, you maximize your discounts. Depending on your coverage and type of home insurance, you could get up to 15% discount* on your home insurance! You could also save on your car insurance.

Anything else?

Imagine you have your car stolen with your trunk filled to overflowing with all your camping equipment. If you didn’t combine your insurance, you’ll have to open two different claims with two different insurers and you’ll also have to pay two deductibles: one for your car insurance and one for your home insurance.

You have combined auto and home insurance with National Bank Insurances Auto | Home? You only have one insurer to call and you pay only one deductible (whichever is the highest).

I’d like to know if combined insurance is for me

To combine your insurance, simply contact us by phone.


*15% discount legal note

Legal note



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Discover our Insurance Solutions

Discover our Insurance Solutions

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