Fall home maintenance to get ready for winter

Fall home maintenance to get ready for winter

Regular maintenance of your home is essential if you want to protect your roof. This is especially true in the fall, which is a critical period between the warm and cold seasons.

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23 December 2015

It’s important to keep your property in top shape by doing a few jobs to get your home ready for the rigours of winter. Here’s a list of the major tasks to be done.

Getting ready outside

  • Inspect the roof. If the slope of your roof allows it, use binoculars to do your inspection from the ground. Locate any raised or damaged shingles requiring replacement. Examine the condition of roof flashings, skylights and roof joints.
  • Clean eavestroughs. Remove all leaves and debris. Pay special attention to downspouts: using a garden hose, run water in the downspout to ensure proper drainage from the roof.
  • Seal cracks. Carefully examine the foundation walls and repair any cracks you find. If a crack extends into the ground, call a specialist. Take the opportunity to check the condition of exterior siding.
  • Clean the chimney. Chimneys should be swept one to three times a year, depending on use. In the fall, make sure there are no branches or bird nests inside the chimney.
  • Disconnect and drain outdoor hoses; close the interior valves connected to outdoor hoses, and drain them.  

You should also store all outdoor items such as patio furniture, barbecue, etc. When the ground is frozen, install winter protection on trees and shrubs.

Getting ready inside

  • Check doors and windows. Check for and replace damaged caulking and weatherstripping around windows and doorways. Replace window screens with storm windows.
  • Clean carpets and curtains. Deep cleaning of carpets, curtains and drapes helps improve air quality. You can use a steam machine or call a professional.
  • Prevent heating problems. Whatever the heating system you use, regular maintenance is a must. Furnaces should be serviced by a qualified service company. Vacuum electric baseboard heaters to remove dust.
  • Test smoke detectors. Check all smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and replace the batteries.

Many procedures can be performed in the fall and every owner should establish a maintenance routine suited to their situation. The important thing is to ensure the safety of your home and prepare for the cold season.


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