Car emergency kit

This is a must.  If your driver already has one, discreetly ask what’s in it. You can then purchase the items that are missing or renew the whole kit.  The ideal car emergency kit contains all the necessary first aid items as well as various supplies to ensure safety such as a snowbrush, jumper cables, basic tools, a warm blanket, candles and matches, etc.

Surprise gift: Fill a nice little backpack with non-perishable food items such as dried fruit or granola bars and bottled water.  These may ensure survival in a critical situation.

Roadside assistance

Offer peace of mind with a subscription to a roadside assistance service, which features towing, battery boosting, fuel delivery, unlocking doors and many other assistance services depending on the package you choose. Make sure they get back home quickly!

Surprise gift:  Add a hat, a scarf and wool socks.  These will be very useful in case of breakdown in cold weather conditions. And if it’s your thing, why not knit them yourself?

Gift certificate for inside and outside cleaning

Drivers who spend a lot of time in their car appreciate a car that is nice and clean!  Several companies offer gift certificates for professional hand washing, which may include various services such as waxing and carpet shampooing.

Surprise gift:  Complete the gift with a certificate for a headlight lenses restoration treatment.  Polishing headlights significantly improves the illumination capacity and at the same time the driver’s safety.

Winter driving course

A winter driving course is the perfect gift for all road users.  This defensive driving course teaches the techniques and skills to be able to manage the worst road conditions.  For both new and experienced drivers, a winter driving course is a gift that can make all the difference in ensuring safety on the road.

Surprise gift: Enclose a gift certificate for a therapeutic massage.  This type of massage improves blood circulation, calms nervous tensions, eases stiff joints and has many other benefits such as promoting relaxation and flexibility.  Perfect for anyone spending long hours sitting in a car on a regular basis!

Of course, current technologies also make much appreciated gifts:  a GPS, a massage seat pad, a Bluetooth headset are always a favourite, year after year. Whatever your budget, the car industry overflows with items and accessories designed specifically to please all car enthusiasts.