Automatic renewal

In Quebec, your auto and home insurance policies are renewed automatically. Upon expiry after 12 months, your contract is typically renewed with the same protections, sometimes with a new premium.

Some protections, such as replacement cost in auto insurance, can have a time limit. After a certain number of years, this protection is removed from your policy. One more reason to take the time to review your policy: sometimes this protection can be added back to your contract, in another form.

Upon renewal, the insurer may also have new conditions to continue your relationship. These conditions will be specified in a document attached to your renewal.

Take a moment to review your protections

When you took out your insurance, one year ago, the protections you had chosen were appropriate for your situation at the time. However, over the years life and needs change and renewal is a good opportunity to contact your insurer and reassess your needs together.

Additionally, new protections can become available over the years; protections that you may find useful. Or you may have refused some protections the last time you spoke with your insurer that you would now find interesting.

For instance, when you chose sewer backup protection, you opted for the minimum coverage offered, i.e. $10,000. At the time your basement was unfinished and you used it only to store things of little value. That was last year. Since then, you finished your basement and set up a playroom. The minimum insurance that seemed sufficient one year ago may no longer be suitable for your new situation.

When you contact your insurer to renew your policy, they will review the policy with you. They will reassess your needs, offer appropriate protections for your situation and offer you again all the protections you had refused the last time.

Changes of situation impacting your auto insurance

Here are some examples of changes that you should inform your automobile insurer about, whether mid-term or when renewing:

  • You changed addresses
  • You changed employers or occupations
  • You are now using (or no longer using) your car for your business activities
  • You are using your car outside Quebec
  • The distance to get to work or school has changed
  • A new driver is using your vehicle
  • You made new changes to your car
  • You are putting your car in storage or taking it out again
  • You installed a new antitheft system
  • Your license was suspended

Changes of situation impacting your home insurance

If you see yourself in one of the situations below with regard to your home insurance, it is important to contact your insurer:

  • You changed addresses
  • You made major renovations
  • You acquired property in large quantity or of high value
  • You installed a pool or spa
  • You changed or added a secondary heating system
  • Your home is used for professional activities, including teleworking
  • You installed or deactivated an alarm system
  • You acquired a dog or exotic pet
  • There’s a new person in your household
  • Renting your home

These lists are only examples and are not exhaustive. In fact, renewal is simply a good time to ensure you are well protected. You cannot think of everything and that is why your insurer is providing you with insurance professionals to assist you.