Why rent a car?

Because you’re taking the train or flying out to your destination in Canada or the United States and you want to drive around once you’re there. Because you’ve always dreamed of driving a convertible. Because you don’t want to use your own car. Because there’s not enough room in the trunk and you need a mini-van.

Whatever your reason, you’ll have to pay for the rental car, pay for mileage, so why not avoid paying the rental company’s insurance?

Endorsement 27 to the rescue

If you opted for the Autocomfort offered by National Bank Insurance Auto | Home, you’re covered up to $60,000 CDN for damage to rented or borrowed vehicles. So you don’t have to take out the insurance offered by the rental company, which allows you to save on the cost of your vacation.

If you only have partial coverage on your vehicle, you can always add the endorsement QEF 27 separately, at a price generally lower than what it would cost you to get the rental company’s insurance.

How does it work?

Once you get Autocomfort or the endorsement 27, you will receive proof of coverage – in both English AND French – with your insurance documents. This way you can rent a vehicle anywhere in Canada or the United States. Just present this proof of coverage to the rental company and they will consider your vehicle covered for damage.

How do I know if I have this protection?

Look for references to Autocomfort on your National Bank Insurance Auto | Home policy or to QEF No 27 on your insurance policy or contact us.


Legal note