1. One thing at a time

Take time to plan the cleaning work that needs to be done.  Paper and pencil in hand, go around your house and write down all of the chores that you plan to tackle, room by room. Take the opportunity to inspect the house from top to bottom: make a list of repairs that you can do over the summer, such as changing a window screen or draught-proofing a door.

2. The more the merrier…

Involve family members. Set a date when everyone is available to give a hand. And while you’re at it, why not invite some friends? Instead of planning for a chore, turn it into an event!  Of course, be ready to reciprocate when their turn comes… Provide food and drinks and why not some music as motivation?

3. Get equipped

Take inventory of your cleaning products to buy only what you are missing: heavy-duty cleaner, window washer fluid, degreasers, etc.  Also make sure to have plastic gloves, rags, sponges with an abrasive side, buckets, a vacuum, storage boxes and garbage bags. Be sure to wear clothes that are comfortable, not too warm and that you don’t care too much about. Just because you are cleaning doesn’t mean you’ll come out clean!

4. Free some space

Spring cleaning is also a great opportunity to sort out what you are no longer using, what can be given away or sent to recycling.  Get rid of all unnecessary items that serve only to clutter the house. Once your house is in order, spring cleaning becomes a much less daunting task.

5. Before cleaning: dusting

Tackle dust before washing, this will significantly reduce cleaning time. Dust the furniture, baseboards, picture frames, light fixtures, fans, etc. Vacuum thoroughly, move furniture to get in every corner. If you don’t remove dust first, you’ll just move the dust around.

6. Get wet

Then it’s time to plunge (your hands in soapy water). In every room, wash the ceiling first.  Then go area by area: for instance, if you are cleaning the wall behind the refrigerator, you should also wash the refrigerator itself and everything else on that wall. If you are cleaning a wall with a window, also wash the window frame and glass. Using this method will take the routine out of the work and you won’t have to retrace your steps.

Always end with the floors. Take small rugs outside to air them; sprinkle baking soda on large carpets and let it sit for a few hours, then vacuum.  This will refresh them.

7. Not everything at once

Take care of yourself! There’s no point trying to do everything in one day. If don’t have that many helpers, distribute the work load over a few days.  Get up early, have a hearty breakfast, open a few windows and turn on some music.

Above all, forget the word “chore” and think instead of the satisfaction of having a sparkling, uncluttered, fresh-scented house!