Major winter risks

Wintertime means snow and ice. Snow accumulation can cause a roof, a pergola or a temporary car shelter to collapse. Ice can also build up in your driveway and present a potential safety and liability hazard. Snow can melt and infiltrate your home.

Swings in temperature can also cause materials to expand or contract. Not to mention freezing of water in pipes; warping due to water; damage to property resulting from freeze/thaw cycles and the effect of cold followed by heat; gradual damage caused by excessive temperatures…

What’s covered? What’s not?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. Protections vary from one contract to another because you don’t insure a cottage like you would an apartment or a house. Even homeowner’s protections can differ depending on the age of the building or the chosen protection. Some risks are covered only if you’ve chosen optional protection.

Whether covered or not, prevention is better than cure! Clear excess snow or ice, make sure your entrance or stairs are safe and maintain minimum heating according to the need of the moment.

Know your protections and exclusions

When taking out home insurance, you receive a complete insurance policy document. This document contains the protections offered under your policy as well as any applicable exclusion.

If there’s a clause you don’t understand, have questions or want more protection, don’t hesitate to communicate with an insurance agent who will be happy to assist you.