Working in insurance for many years, I’ve spent countless hours trying to convince my clients how important it is to protect their financial security. But I never imagined that one day I’d have to spend hours trying to undo the damage done by the theft of my own identity. In February 2011, I found out for myself just how serious the psychological and financial consequences can be for victims of identity theft. Fortunately for me, I had an incredible advantage: I had signed up for the SECURIZONE® services.

Identity theft can happen to anyone

On February 7, 2011, I left my office to briefly talk with a co-worker whose office is two doors down from mine. When I got back to my office, I noticed that my wallet was no longer where I had left it. I realized that my wallet must have been stolen. After that, I got a call about some suspicious transactions made on my credit card. I was transferred to my bank's security department and completed a police report. I phoned all over to cancel my cards. Once all that was done, I thought my troubles were over. Boy, was I ever wrong!

A victim of identity theft and fraud

In fact, it was just the beginning of a whole series of tribulations, worries and grief. Nine days after the theft, I went to make an online banking transaction and was informed that my debit card was no longer valid. An individual had shown up with two of my photo ID cards (with his picture) and asked to be issued a new debit card because he had been robbed (MY theft!). He was successful in getting a new card.

Stealing my wallet was merely a gateway to a far more serious crime: stealing my identity. And, depending on the network of criminals involved, the effects of identity theft can go on for months, even years. I felt completely thrown off-balance and overwhelmed by the scale of the problem. That’s when I decided to call the telephone number on my SECURIZONE® contract.

Swift, efficient action

What I wanted most was to re-establish my identity quickly and take back control of my financial self. The NBC Assistance agent in charge of my file was extremely quick and efficient and showed a lot of empathy for my situation. In a reassuring tone of voice, she explained the next steps, and 10 minutes after the first phone call, I received an email confirming everything.

Time and money saved

This first email was followed by a series of messages with information and advice. From a checklist of follow-up steps to ready-to-sign letters, everything was provided for me to ensure that no detail was overlooked. Without the help of SECURIZONE®, I might have fallen prey to other ploys I didn’t even know existed. If I had called NBC Assistance on the day of the theft, I would have saved myself a lot of time and money, not to mention countless hours of stress.

Continous, reassuring support and personalized service

NBC Assistance SECURIZONE® agents are organized and provide support to help re-establish a stolen identity. They're familiar with the processes and the technical details involved, so I was supported each step of the way.

I know that the NBC Assistance SECURIZONE® agents will continue to give me the support I need for as long as I feel I need it. I know my file number and the name of the agent in charge of my file. I can reach an agent at any time and I know I'll receive outstanding customer service.

Thank you SECURIZONE®! Given the skills, availability, thoroughness and meticulous follow-up of NBC Assistance agents, I'm confident that I've done everything within my power to resolve my situation.


Denis B.

Married, 4 children.


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