Spa and swimming pool

Whether your swimming pool or spa is in-ground, semi in-ground or aboveground, keep your head above water with the right coverage.

Your swimming pool or spa

This option allows you to cover direct damage to your spa or swimming pool, including damage caused by frost and the weight of ice or snow! This all-perils protection has a single deductible.

Your accessories

Have you ever calculated how much you’ve spent on pool and spa accessories? This includes winter cover, sun cover, pump, filter, ladder, products to monitor water quality, toys … the bill can easily reach a few hundred dollars and even go as far as a thousand dollars! All these accessories could be covered by the Spa and swimming pool protection.

Your patio or deck

Your patio or deck is attached to your pool but is not connected to the house? Freezing and thawing can quickly cause damage. Quite often, whatever might affect your pool or spa could also damage your patio or deck.