A savvy insurance app with benefits

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Easy to use

Managing your car and home insurance has never been easier. Get instant access to your insurance documents or submit a claim and upload your photos in just a few minutes.

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The app can assess your driving habits in real time to offer you a customized price at renewal and provide immediate assistance if a severe accident is detected.

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We are committed to protecting your privacy. The data we collect through the app to provide you with a personalized experience is handled with strict security safeguards.

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When life’s unexpected moments happen, get instant access to all your insurance info no matter where you are or when you need it. Plus, you can upgrade your app experience with additional free benefits! Get a customized price based on your driving habits, receive personalized driving tips to help you become a safer driver and experience built-in safety features.

Standard experience
without Drive Savvy

Quick and secure access to the services you need

  • Documents
  • Digital proof of insurance
  • Billing
  • Claims
  • Roadside assistance (if included in your coverage)


Get more for free

Full experience
with Drive Savvy

Activate Drive Savvy to get a customized price and other helpful features

  • Documents
  • Digital proof of insurance
  • Billing
  • Claims
  • Roadside assistance (if included in your coverage)
  • Customized pricing
  • Driving insights (Safety, Fuel efficiency, Eco-driving)
  • Crash Assist
  • Car Care
  • Weather alerts

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Consult your insurance documents :
 Review your car and home insurance policy no matter where you are

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Access your proof of car insurance : Access proof of your car insurance directly on your phone rather than reaching for the glove box.

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Submit a claim : Submit and track a car or home insurance claim the quick and simple way. You can easily add photos of the damages along with any receipts. 

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Make a payment: Pay your insurance bill from the app with a credit or debit card.

One-click to instant benefits

Activate Drive Savvy in the app to enjoy these on-the-go features and get a customized price for your car insurance.

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Customized pricing : Drive safely and you could lower your car insurance premium.

Discover Drive Savvy

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Driving insights : Track and monitor how well you are driving and get personalized tips.

  • Safety: Become a safer driver so you can save more. Monitor your safety level with the app and see how you compare to others.
  • Fuel efficiency: Improve your fuel efficiency and increase your gas savings.
  • Eco-driving: Reduce your eco-impact and CO2 emissions with driving insights and tips.
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Crash Assist :  Get immediate assistance to help you stay safe in the event of an accident and access all the tools you need to quickly file a claim.

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Car Care : Stay up to date on recalls that could impact your safety.

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Weather alerts : Be alert and stay safe thanks to weather notifications that can help you avoid potential risks and prevent damage.