Accident forgiveness

A good driving record deserves to be protected! 

Auto Accident Forgiveness

Your driving record can have a direct impact on your insurance premium, and that’s why we offer Accident Forgiveness. With this option, at the time of your renewal, your insurance premium will not increase due to your first two at-fault accidents.

Accident Forgiveness Open Road

With the Accident Forgiveness Open Road option, you get the same protection as with Accident Forgiveness, but you also benefit from a Roadside Assistance program, which covers your vehicle across Canada and the United States. You will be entitled to 4 services per year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, among the following:

  • towing (50 km radius);                                        
  • boosting;
  • delivery of gasoline (up to 10 litres);
  • unlocking your doors;
  • installation of a spare tire;
  • winching.