Replacement Cost | Replacement Insurance

We want you to enjoy your new car for as long as possible.

Replacement Cost (Q.E.F. No 43)

Discover the many advantages of choosing replacement cost with National Bank Insurance Auto | Home.

Replacement cost:

  • covers your vehicle and its accessories
  • allows you to have your car repaired or replaced by a dealer of your choice
  • is added to your insurance policy
  • can be removed at any time, free of charge

New parts in the event of a partial loss (Q.E.F. No 43A)

If your vehicle needs new parts, we’ll only use original equipment manufacturer parts.

There’s a hole in the fender, your side-view mirror has been ripped out? If the part cannot be repaired or the cost of repair would exceed that of a new part, replacement cost allows you to get original manufacturer parts.

Replacement Insurance (Q.P.F. 5)

If you’ve just bought a new car, think about Replacement Insurance. If your car is stolen or damaged beyond repair, you could get a new, identical car that reflects the original value of your car, not its depreciated value, or a compensation to replace your vehicle.

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