Good driving record 

With National Bank Insurance Auto | Home, you pay less for your auto insurance because we have better rates for smart drivers. The better your driving record, the better your premium will be. It’s that simple!

Low mileage : the less you drive, the less you pay

We reward drivers who make an effort to use their vehicle less. When you give us your annual mileage, we’ll be able to evaluate the advantage you are entitled to on your car insurance premium.

The rule is simple: the less you drive, the more you save!

Antitheft system

You could enjoy a discount of on the theft premium of your car insurance if your vehicle is equipped with an antitheft or alarm system, such as:

  • Marking system
  • Cellular or GPS tracking system

We strongly suggest that you install an antitheft system. Not only will you benefit from this discount, but it will also decrease your chances of having an unpleasant experience!

For the list of recognized systems, please contact us.

You have more than one vehicle? We have a discount for you

You have 2 or 3 vehicles? More? Each one has a separate car insurance contract?  Take out a single insurance contract for all your vehicles and get a reduction on your auto insurance premium for each one*.  In addition to paying less, you will avoid the hassle of handling several contracts. One contract, one insurer, one phone call, multiple savings!

But that’s not all!

To lower your car insurance premium even more, you should consider increasing your deductible and combining your auto and home insurance!


*Certain conditions apply.

Legal note