Which car to choose?

On the surface, the answer is simple: the one you like. However, things get more complicated when you factor insurance in. Young people often want a sports car or one that has style. Why not a convertible or a motorcycle? But be careful, these vehicles can be expensive to insure!

The more expensive a car is to repair, the more it typically costs to insure. Sports cars and convertibles generally fall within this category. Similarly, the more expensive the car, the higher the auto insurance premium will be. In short, if you are on a tight budget, better opt for a simple means of transportation (and why not used) rather than getting the vehicle of your dreams.

What protections do you need?

Getting the minimum liability coverage will cover damage to your car if you’re in an accident for which you’re not at fault. More importantly, it will cover damage you do to someone else’s property.If you’ve opted for a used car that didn’t cost you a fortune, you may consider this option. It will be the most affordable.

The more protection you get for your car, the higher the premium will be. Choose only the protections you feel are necessary, while remaining aware of what’s not covered.

If you get damage insurance for your vehicle, you might want to choose a higher deductible in order to lower your premium. In any case, weigh all your options carefully before you make a decision.

How can you pay less?

We understand that making ends meet can be difficult when you’re a student. National Bank Insurance Auto | Home offers full-time students a discount* on their car insurance premium.

We also offer up to a discount if you purchase your car insurance online. So you can buy your insurance policy at a time that suits you and you won’t even have to call us.

And finally, save even more by combining your auto and tenant insurance!

With us, no need to break the bank to get insurance!


*Certain conditions apply.

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