Choosing according to your vehicle’s age

Do you need replacement cost coverage? Would a dent on your car’s body bother you much? We are naturally more concerned about damage to our new car than to our old clunker.

When choosing coverage for your car, don’t hesitate to question the amount of your deductible or even the usefulness of covering your aging car for possible damage.

Your car’s value: is it worth it?

Every car loses value as it ages. While paying full coverage for a vehicle that’s worth tens of thousands of dollars is normal, is it still worth it if it means the amount you pay for insurance is almost equal to the value of your car?

Choosing based on risk

Do you want to be covered for absolutely everything? Would protection against theft be enough? Or maybe you feel that glass breakage is what needs to be covered at all costs?

Asking yourself these questions might allow you to reduce your coverage. If you’re not worried about collision, why not remove this protection? Before you make this choice however, make sure you have a good understanding of all the risks that won’t be covered. For example, at-fault collision protection also covers hit-and-run accidents. Minimum coverage may even be required before you can add some protections.

Choosing options based on need

Will you need a vehicle while your damaged car is being repaired? When you rent a vehicle, do you want it to be covered by your insurance? There are many options that can be added to your National Bank Insurance Auto | Home policy, some individually, some bundled.

To choose wisely, you need to know what your needs are today and also what you might eventually need in the future.