Legal Assistance

Because we don’t always know our rights, legal assistance can come in handy. To guide you through your legal questions, talk to a lawyer for free.


Talk to a lawyer

Legal assistance is a telephone service that allows you to talk to a lawyer. Give yourself the opportunity to speak to a professional. 

You can ask about applicable laws or get advice on the procedures to follow in your situation. Obtain pertinent website addresses or the names and contact information of organizations or resource people.

You already have legal assistance? Contact the service at 1-888-896-0632. 

Overview of the areas of law covered

Legal assistance can help with you with a number of topics: family, home, work, penal and criminal law and consumer issues. 

  • Family: family estate, alimony, child custody, marriage, divorce, common-law partnership
  • Home: neighbourhood disturbances, hidden defect, lodging, lease termination
  • Work: dismissal, harassment, accident
  • Penal and criminal law: tickets, impaired driving, fraud
  • Consumer issues: damaged property, subscription termination, digital risks

How to benefit from legal assistance

To benefit from free legal assistance, you simply need to have a home insurance policy as a owner, co-owner or tenant.  This service is also included with our legal insurance.