Coverage for rented or borrowed vehicles | Endorsement QEF-27

You want to rent a convertible to have some fun or need to rent a small truck for moving? Do you sometimes borrow your neighbour’s car? National Bank Insurance offers the QEF-27 additional option so that you can be protected and save.

Coverage at a glance :

  • Available within Autocomfort® solution
  • Coverage in Canada and the United States
  • Available coverage up to $60,000
  • $250 deductible
  • Covers you and your spouse 

Protection for short-term rentals

Are you renting a car for personal use? Save on the rental company’s insurance by adding the QEF-27 additional option to your policy.

While the insurance offered by the rental company can almost double the cost, you’ll only pay a few dollars a month for the QEF-27 option. A simple way to save big!

Protection for borrowed vehicles

When you borrow a vehicle, the damage it sustains will be covered by the owner’s insurance … as long as they are insured for that type of damage. With the QEF-27 option, no more worries.