1 - Combine your auto and home insurance

Whether you are a homeowner, a condominium owner or a tenant, you may get a discount on your auto insurance premium. In some cases, you may even get a discount on your home insurance.

2 - Have an antitheft system installed

There are two good reasons for adding an antitheft device on your car: to ensure safety and to get a discount. A tracking system or vehicle parts marking could help you save on your insurance premium. Contact us for the list of systems recognized.

3 - Increase your deductibles

Read our article on “how to choose your deductibles” to see if increasing the amount of your deductibles is a good solution for you.

4 - Planning on renting a car? Add endorsement 27

You can avoid paying the insurance offered by car rental companies by getting the same coverage directly on your auto insurance policy. Find out the other benefits of endorsement 27.

5 - Insure all your vehicles under the same policy

Auto, truck, ATV, motorcycle, snowmobile… you have more than one vehicle? Insure them all under the same policy and benefit from our multi-vehicle discount. And if you combined your auto and home insurance with us, you’ll also be entitled to an additional discount on each vehicle’s coverage.

6 - Contact Us!

We are here to advise you so that you can benefit from the best possible pricing.


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